Back in the saddle

Got back to writing again last night.  It felt like a year since I’d last done it but while I didn’t write a whole lot, what I did write came out without too much prodding.  That felt good.  Starting the new year right.  That said, a few things extra to try and get my little one man empire running.  Throwback Thursdays and Follow Fridays are fairly popular thing around the net.  And why not, they’re fun little memes that help people connect with each other more.  You probably know that already though, so what I’m gonna do is use them for my own purposes.

For TBT’s, I was thinking of doing a mini-review/recommendation of an older piece of media.  Something that had an influence on me or pop culture at large.  Simple enough.

For FF’s, well, this one’s not really gonna change, except that I’ll focus on just one or two people at a time.  This will mostly be fellow writers or artists.  We’re a community and we gotta stick together.

I’ll probably stagger them too.  TBT one week, FF the next.  That’s really all I got to say today.