Recommended Reads

Herein lie authors and books worth your consideration.

In the interest of honesty, some of the authors listed below are people I consider friends. All series recommended have been started, if not read outright, and all books recommended have been read. Particular favorites will be in bold.

Note: Krista Ball created a wonderful database for anyone looking for heavy LGBT representation in Fantasy fiction. You can view it here.

You can also find some themed lists I posted on Reddit: Weird Westerns, Orcs, and Monster Hunters.


Books & Short Stories


  • Al Barrera, Author of Darker Shadows Lie Below.
  • J.S. Collyer, Author of the Orbit series.
  • Luke Matthews, Author of Construct.
  • Courtney Cantrell, Author of the Legends of the Light-Walkers series
  • Tim Marquitz, Author of the Demon Squad series, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  • KS Villoso, Author of Jaeth’s Eye and the Annals of the Bitch Queen.
  • Scott Oden, Author of Men of Bronze and A Gathering of Ravens.
  • SM Reine, Author of…well, frankly, a lot. She has a full urban fantasy universe with lots of series in it.
  • Minister Faust, Host of MF Galaxy Podcast and Afro-centric Author.
  • Janny Wurts, Author of the Wars of Light and Shadow series, and all around amazing person.
  • Erica Lindquist, Author of Whisperworld. And if it’s your sort of thing, her Lily Quinn erotica series, under the pen name Natalie Severine.
  • Darrell Drake, Author of the Star Reckoner’s Legacy series.
  • Steven Kelliher, Author of the Landkist Saga.
  • Steve Thomas, Author of the Klondaeg the Monster Hunter series.
  • Andrew Rowe, Author of Sufficiently Advanced Magic.
  • Will Wight, Author of the Cradle series.

*Caveat for Robert E. Howard and HP Lovecraft: While I’m recommending them, be aware of their prejudices going in. Both were living in the early 1900s. Howard had his own issues with bigotry while Lovecraft was so staggeringly bigoted due to his sheer level of fear of the world at large. They both had a huge impact on fiction, especially long after their deaths. Whatever you’ve heard about them is probably true.

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