Grimluk, Demon Hunter

Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

Note: Unless noted, all books can be read as standalones.

Genre: Fantasy
Subgenre: Sixguns & Sorcery, Weird West, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure

Vol 1 – A Demon in the Desert
Cover art by Bob Kehl

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The Wastelands mining town of Greenreach Bluffs is deteriorating: with each passing day its inhabitants grow more fearful and paranoid, plagued by…something. They suffer nightmares and hallucinations, there are murders at the mine; the community is on the brink of madness and ruin and, as events escalate, realization dawns: the town has a demon problem. Two attempts at hunting it down fail, Greenreach Bluffs is at breaking point…and then Grimluk the Orc strides in out of the Wastes to answer their call for salvation.

Contains strong violence and language as well as disturbing concepts.

Vol 2 – Demon Haunted
Cover art by Bob Kehl

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For the past month, Grimluk has traveled with his newly adopted sister, Gwen Quinn. Grimluk hopes to find the cause and cure for the prophetic spirit trapped in Gwen. The journey isn’t without its perils though. Near dark one evening, an angry and monstrous apparition attacks them, nearly crushing Grimluk under its enormous spiritual weight. It demands one thing; to be taken home.

The thing leads them to a town called Perfection. A man known as the Hanging Judge runs the town, holding tight to law and order. Almost immediately, Grimluk is arrested, charged with kidnapping and murder. The Judge takes Gwen and imprisons Grimluk. Trapped and separated, the pair learn all too quickly that something else haunts the town besides a ghost. And the only escape might be at the end of a rope.

Contains disturbing imagery, strong language, gaslighting, and strong violence.

 Vol 3 – The Demons Within
Cover art by Bob Kehl

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An isolated farming town has a demon problem, and Grimluk is on hand to fix it. But this time, things aren’t that simple. While Grimluk hunts the demon, a rock crashes from the sky; a rock containing something alien to the world of Arkod. Something oozing and grotesque. Something hungry.

Hunter becomes hunted as this new threat pursues Grimluk, all but immune to his bullets. Worse, the creature’s deadly shapeshifting nature means it could be anywhere – or anyone – around him. Despite his efforts to protect his new friends and the rest of the innocent townsfolk, Grimluk learns all too quickly that it’ll take more than a quick hand and a strong will to win this fight.

For nothing is deadlier than the demons within.

Can be read as a standalone. Contains strong language, disturbing imagery, and issues of mental health.

Vol 4 – By Demons Be Driven
Cover art by Elisa Serio

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The cover of By Demons Be Driven.

In Grimluk’s profession, sometimes you find the next job, and sometimes the next job finds you. After a demon knight attacks him on the highway, he’s pushed to the decaying town of Dunvich. Grimluk arrives just in time for a festival, joining several other outsiders as guests of honor. The smiling, friendly faces and hospitality seem good to be true, setting him on an instinctive investigation to find out if there’s more going on.

What he discovers is more than he expected. Dunvich contains secrets that could alter the course of the continent if left unchecked. Secrets that drag Grimluk into a fight for survival. As the hunter becomes the hunted, will a quick gun and a sharp knife win the day? Or will survival be the luxury Grimluk can’t afford if he wants to stop the coming darkness from spreading?

One thing’s for sure: he’s got a job to do.

Can be read as a standalone. Contains strong language, graphic violence, and disturbing concepts and imagery, including implied incest.