Follow Friday #1 – S.A. Hunt

First Follow Friday and I’m gonna put my buddy SA Hunt out there for everyone.  SA is a recent winner of the /r/Fantasy Stabby Award for Best Self-Published/Indie Book of 2014 for the third book in his Dark Tower inspired Outlaw King series, Ten Thousand Devils.  In his own words, “I am a U.S. veteran with very little money and far too much free time, which is now spent telling lies about time-bending cowboys and brainwashing witches. I live in a shack in the woods in Summerville, GA, where I write books, drink moonshine out of a clay jug, and play music with spoons.”  Currently, he’s working on a new, standalone horror novel and trying to gather funds to attend the World Horror Con and Dragon*Con this year (and you should definitely kick him a buck or two).

You can find him and all the places he frequents on his site, The Usual Madman and his works on his Amazon shop.  And if you’re a fan of weird westerns, you should hit up goodreads and join our upcoming February group read.