Moving Forward & Support

Hello again!  I hope you enjoyed the peeks at A Demon in the Desert you got over the month of March.  Things are coming along nicely and I hope to have a bigger update about the book by the end of the month.  In the meantime, I wanted to let anyone who’s interested know that I’ve started a Patreon.  I’m setting it up so that it doesn’t interfere with the writing of the book but that I can put out more content and keep honing my abilities.  How will I do that?  Will, twice a month, I’ll post a piece of flash fiction, between 500 and 1000 words long, or once a month, I’ll post a short story up to 5000 words long.  How much am I askin for this?  Two bucks a month.  I’m not even charging per story, just a base price of $2 a month for 2-5000 words.  The stories I post there will be exclusive until the next one comes out, and some stories might remain exclusive to Patreon.  I’m still figuring everything out.  It’s new territory.

I’ll be posting the first story this weekend, either Friday or Saturday.  First one’s free and I won’t just throw up an old story.  It’ll be brand spanking new.  All shiny and ready for you to read.  So, if you’re interested, just click the picture!

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