Back to the Grind

By now, everyone should have their books, except for my one international backer who got a paperback. I’ll let you know when I have a delivery estimate. If you HAVE NOT gotten your book by tomorrow, please let me know immediately. I hope you all enjoy the book and that you’ll leave a rating and a review on Amazon and/or goodreads.

For the rest of the summer (at least through July), I’ll be working on shorts and promotion and getting the next Grimluk book ready. I’ve given thought to starting a Star Trek fanfic, mostly because it’s really hard to get into the official books from what I can tell. I have this idea I want to use that is based around an Orion woman. I’d really like to keep it Star Trek but I don’t know, maybe it would be a better idea to make it my own property instead. Maybe I’ll look around at options or maybe even try to use that as a starting point to looking for an agent.

In the immediate though, I restarted a short I’d begun in February but dropped out of to focus on A Demon in the Desert. It’s set in the same world as Demon but will be standalone. I really like the world and I can play around in it quite a lot. It stars an orc woman who’s good with a gun and has an issue with people routinely accusing her of cheating at cards. I think I’ll submit this one and earn some SFWA/HWA active member credit (it’s damn hard to do that with novels as an indie writer). So it might be a while before anyone gets to read it but I’ll post a snippet when it’s done. Just a small one.

I’m also still trying to figure out how to attract attention to my Patreon. I’m running a promotion right now for the first five level 1 patrons and the first two level 2/3 patrons. Level 1 patrons will get a flash story (1000 words or less) about anything they want. Level 2/3 patrons will get a short story (1000-5000 words) about anything they’d like.

Happy reading, everyone!