Site Update + Book Review

So, just a little update on the site. I added a Recommended Reads section. It’s mostly filled with authors right now, but there are a few specific books. I’ll add to it as I go along. I might add a section for Indie Books and one for big-name books as well, if anyone’s interested. For now, it’s all indie folks. And speaking of which…

I just finished Christopher Ruz’s Rust: Season One. It’s a horror serial series released in episodes and then collected into one volume once the season is finished. Ruz is currently working on the third season, with One and Two being out and available on Amazon. This is a spoiler-free review. And it’s pretty simple:

Rust Season One cover

It is amazing. It’s got this wicked Lovecraft feel, with a big ol’ side of the Yellow King, freaky disease and infestations, and disturbing, visceral, brutal violence. It’s weird and unsettling in all the right ways. You connect with the characters fairly easily. The shock and confusion Kimberly feels upon waking in Rustwood is quite palpable. And it’s so terribly, hideously clear that there is nothing natural or normal about the town. There are things hidden everywhere. Unseen horrors in every shadow and person. Ruz can go from creepy to squeamish in a heartbeat. The prose is great. The story is tight and beautiful. Absolutely amazing stuff. Must-read for any horror fan.