What should you be reading? The answer may surprise you!

It won’t, actually. Well, I don’t think it will. Anyways, I’m gonna offer up some recommendations for stuff to read that I’ve either read, plan to read, or just plain like the author. Though, more than likely, the latter point means I’ve probably read or plan to read their stuff anyways. Mostly, I include that point to make it clear that I want support my community. Now, if you’re reading this outside of the dashboard reader on wordpress, you’ll see that there’s a “Recommended Reads” tab above. I’m going to copy and paste that list but I’m also going to be trying to add new stuff here. In we go!


  • S.A. Hunt, Author of the award-winning Outlaw King fantasy series and the newly released Malus Domestica urban horror.
  • Sara Amundson, Creator of Make-A-Monster
  • M.Todd Gallowglas, Author of the Dead Weight, Tears of Rage, & Halloween Jack series.
  • Z. Rider, Author of Suckers, a new spin on vampire horror.
  • Edward M. Erdelac, Author of the award winning Merkabah Rider series, lover of the weird, and High Geek Master
  • Krista D. Ball, Author of the Tales of Tranquility and Spirit Caller series. Master of Snark.
  • Christopher Ruz, Author of the Century of Sand fantasy series and the Rust horror series.
  • Steph Lehenbauer, Author of the Wanderlust series. Though, I need to add that Steph’s Wanderlust publisher shut down. She’s currently reworking the series for a re-release at some point.
  • Al Barrera, Author of Darker Shadows Lie Below.
  • J.S. Collyer, Author of the Orbit series.
  • Luke Matthews, Author of Construct.
  • Courtney Cantrell, Author of the Legends of the Light-Walkers series, master of colored hair.
  • Laird Barron, Author of The Imago Sequence and Other Stories and all around high priest of the New Weird.
  • Tim Marquitz, Author of the Demon Squad series, former gravedigger, and fellow lover of Heavy Metal.
  • SM Reine, Author of, well, a huge slew of urban fantasy.



  • Rat Queens. Are you reading this? Why are you not reading this? It’s amazing. Orc Dave is a precious gift from heaven and Braga is our orc queen goddess. The whole cast is fucking amazing though.
  • East of West. It’s a sci-fi weird western starring the Four Horsemen. If that doesn’t get your interest, I can’t help you.
  • Death Vigil by Stjepan Šejić, who is also doing the art for Rat Queens now. This is one of his own books though. He writes it and handles the art duties and it is awesome. Buy the trade.
  • Daughter of the Lillies. This one came up on r/Fantasy in a rec thread for orcs and goblins as protags and it surprised me. Start at the beginning and read through it. New pages will start on the 22nd. The art’s lovely and the characters jump out immediately. And it’s FREE.

I’m not really caught up on comics lately but I will say that Image, Dark Horse, and IDW (mostly for the Ghostbusters series) are where all the best comics are happening right now. As I find more indie comics, I’ll post about them too and as always, recommendations are absolutely welcome.

Happy reading, everyone!