Nanowrimo 2015, Days 1-4

After a nervous start on Sunday evening, I started day 1 of this year’s Nano with a bang, shooting a fair ways over the daily minimum. Day 2 was the same, with Day 3 being even better. Tonight, Day 4, I just barely went over the minimum but it was a deliberate choice because the next section is gonna be an emotional one. It feels pretty fuckin amazing too. The first three days saw me do a half month’s work as compared to the previous three months (10K a month for a 30K total). I feel extremely confident that I’ll get this first draft finished by the end of Nano and start whipping it into shape for a kickstarter campaign in February. You can see my daily word counts below. I’ve taken to using Scrivener, which has a handy project target tool that includes total and session counts. More updates to come.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4