Beyond Nanowrimo

It is December 1st, which means Nanowrimo has come to an end. The goal was 50,000 words in a month. On that metric, I failed. I hit 37,000 words. I also started November with 30,000. So, while I failed at the 50K, I definitely succeeded elsewhere. I proved that I’m more than capable of working far harder than I had originally guessed. Going forward, I’ll be able to bust out a first draft within three months, hitting roughly 30,000 words each month. That feels awesome and will make this career that much more obtainable. The harder part will be doing a kickstarter for a new book once a year until I can pay for editing and art out of my own pocket. We’ll see how that goes.

Now, speaking of Kickstarter, I’ll be starting the campaign for Grimluk 2 in February. Before it goes live, I’ll reveal the name of the book, the (tentative) blurb, and anything else that comes up. Unlike the first book, I won’t have a cover to help sell this campaign with but I’ll have some other things. And also unlike the first book, I’m going in with a completed first draft. Grimluk 2 is already bigger and better than its predecessor and my efforts on Kickstarter will be as well.

For anyone else who’s completed Nano, keep going. Start your next draft or finish the first one and keep kicking ass.

My final Nano count.