Big Demon Haunted News

I apologize to anyone who only follows this blog and not Twitter or Tumblr or even Facebook but you’re getting a big update today.

As of Tuesday night, all of Tim Marquitz’s editing notes have been completed, and after a few minor tweaks of my own, I can say that this draft of Demon Haunted is DONE. All that’s really left is a couple of test readers, proofreading, and then all the final formatting and proofing for release on October 1st. I’m fairly confident I can have everything finished by the end of August and a pre-order up September 1st. A Demon in the Desert will also be on sale during that time for 99 cents for anyone who hasn’t read it. I’ll probably make a 25% off coupon for Createspace as well, though it sure would be nice if Amazon honored those codes too.

Ah but now we have the BIG news. The more exciting news. The Demon Haunted Cover reveal! Feast your eyes on this bad boy!


How gorgeous is that? Bob knocked it out of the park! The Grimluk piece and this cover are absolutely stunning. In fact, I’m going to be replacing the original cover for A Demon in the Desert with the promo art. For one, it means there will be cohesion between covers, and for two, it’s honestly too good and fitting NOT to use. I still love the original Pale Rider inspired cover though and it’ll still be around for viewing enjoyment.

Keep your eyes peeled between now and October too. I’ll be posting a few choice snippets here and there. There are a few I can do that won’t spoil anything. Should whet your appetite. I’ll also be redesigning the Grimluk page and adding a new section for artwork. The goal is to streamline the page itself and add more functionality to the excerpt pages, making them function for the book itself.

The final bit of news is a testimonial for Tim Marquitz and Dominion Editorial: Tim’s process was easy and he made sure to explain it before he got started, offering to answer any questions I had before and after. Along with basic spelling and grammar corrections, he pointed out anything that needed work and offered a thought on how to make it better. Once I got the notes and started working through them, he even dropped me a message to see if I was doing okay with them and there was anything I needed further help with. And if all of that wasn’t enough, he offered some very supportive thoughts on the story as a whole, going so far as to say it’s a “great story.”

That’s all for now! Happy hunting.