News & Demon Haunted Teaser

Figured it was time to share a bit more of Demon Haunted with everyone. But first, some news!

Most of everything I’ve been working on with Demon Haunted is basically done. At this point, I have a few little things to finish with some image stuff and that’s it. Demon Haunted is being proofread, the first print proof arrives tomorrow, and everything’s shaping up and looks like it’ll be ready with some wiggle room before October. Whoo!

Secondly, I’ve started Grimluk 3 and I’m already nearly 2500 words in. That’s pretty exciting. Hopefully, I can get the first draft for this one done pretty quick and then start on book 4 as well. But hopefully, when folks start reading Demon Haunted, they enjoy themselves. Otherwise there won’t be a huge point in trying to put out more Grimluk, eh?

Anyways, on with the snippet! Again, no spoilers for the main plot, just a nice scene I’m fond of. Fair warning as this one is more on the disturbing side than the last one. If you’re not fond of snakes or some body horror…

After being fed, Grimluk fell into a fitful nap, once more seeing of the bloody bull in a dream constructed of a tainted memory. He started awake, growling and angry at having his mind invaded again. He began to call the demon out in protest and defiance, a threat ready upon his lips, but a wave of nausea slammed through his stomach before he could get the words out. His eyes rolled back as his tongue lolled out of his mouth. Gwen walked out of the shadows, yellow eyes shining with twisted glee.

“Now, now, friend, you might regret those words,” the demon-Gwen chided.
The demon released its hold on him. “Get out of her you piece of sh—” His body seized and his jaw clamped shut.
“What did I just say?” Gwen sighed, showing a level of exasperation usually only reserved for adults. “Whether or not I am in your little friend’s body or just a figment of your mind is irrelevant anyways. I wanted to talk a little more, really cement our inevitable friendship. And really, I am surprised at your rudeness. You seem such an amiable sort.”
Grimluk felt the demon lessen its hold on him. His muscles relaxed but his jaw remained shut. Fury burned in his eyes as he looked into the shining yellow orbs staring back at him. “What do you want?” he said through gritted teeth.
Gwen stepped forward and took hold of his face, a smile spreading across the young face at once both cruel and affectionate. “You. I want you. As a vessel or a servant. I want you to kill for me. I want you to taste blood for me. I want you to worship me.”
“You say that now, Grimluk, but I can be very persuasive. Ah, but I suppose you could use some time to yourself. Maybe that will help.” The demon turned to leave but stopped. “Oh, silly me. I have a gift.”  The child leaned forward and kissed his forehead. “Farewell for now, dearest hunter.”
Grimluk’s body convulsed again as white hot pain ripped through his skull, spreading down through his body. A silent scream etched itself on his face, unable to give itself sound. His head jerked back and forth in slow, jagged movements. For the second time, he felt something in his throat, writhing, slithered as it came, cutting off his air. A hiss emanated from his throat. Scales pulled roughly against his tongue as the thing pushed its pointed head out of his mouth. The snake held itself aloft and turned to face him, holding his gaze hypnotically.
It continued to rise from his throat, taking purchase across his face to continue its journey. When the viper’s body was free of his throat, he sucked in a deep breath before retching. Violent coughs followed as a thick wad of ectoplasm spilled out, slapping the floor. The snake curled around his neck languidly. Another spasm rocked him, bringing up more of the disgusting slime. The pain and coughs subsided, leaving Grimluk panting, sweat rolling down his brow in thick drops.
The snake hissed, opening its mouth wide. Grimluk yelled as it bit into his neck, felt its venom flush through his veins like fire. Within seconds, blackness engulfed him as everything fell away.

Hopefully that’s as an interesting a scene as I think it is. Until next time!