Orctober – Creator Spotlight – Leigh Peterson


Today, we go not to another author but to an artist. Some of you may remember my excitement last year about fan art. That piece was drawn by today’s creator, Leigh, better known on tumblr as pawfulgood.

Given the fan art, I have a loose relationship with them, enough that two character names were inspired by them in Demon Haunted. Today’s post is a little shorter than others buuuuut that’s kind of to be expected when you have an artist instead of a writer.

When did you start creating?
I started drawing when I was but a wee lad. I started drawing orcs regularly around 2 or 3 years ago.

Why do you love orcs?
Beefy, green-skinned friends with giant tusks? What’s not to love? I also like playing with the “what makes a monster, what makes a man?” narrative.

What’s your favorite piece of your work?
Gosh, uh… Probably this image set I did last year of my partner’s half-orc D&D character, Krynna. She’s huge and perfect and I love her.

What’s your favorite piece of someone else’s work?
Pretty much ANY orc piece by Owligator (note: some blog elements are very NSFW), honestly. As far as books, I thoroughly enjoyed A Demon in the Desert because it subverted a lot of what we expect from orcs in media (Also gunslinging orcs is my favorite thing in the world) tied with The Sorceress’s Orc by Elaine Corvidae. I rented the book on my Kindle, but I wish I’d bought it because I can’t find it anywhere now and it had some incredible world building.

What’s your biggest hope for orcs in media?
More orcs!!

Leigh rocks and makes some damn good art. That’s it for this week’s Creator Spotlight! Come back on Monday for the next installment!