Orctober: Orc Facts #2


Today I thought we’d do a little history on some orcs. Specifically, the Orsimer from the Elder Scrolls. Skyrim in particular holds a special place in my heart but for this post, I’ll be talking about something more far-reaching: How the Orsimer came to be.

Once upon a time, the orcs were Aldmer, the First Elves. All races of elves on Nirn descend from the Aldmer. The Aldmer had a champion-god, Trinimac. Think of him kind of like a god of war and honor. A section of Aldmer dissidents following the Daedric Prince Boethiah attempted to make an exodus from Aldmeri society. Trinimac attempted to stop this. He fought Boethiah and ended up being defeated. And then eaten. And then shat out.

Mythology is fun.

These remains, having been twisted in the Daedric prince’s guts, became Malacath. Nothing is 100% known about how the Aldmeri who remained loyal to Trinimac became the Orsimer, but the legend goes that they rubbed the Trini-poo on themselves and were transformed as well. Malacath himself says that the story of eating and shitting is “too literal-minded.” Whatever really happened, the Orsimer have existed as outcasts ever since.

Now, I suppose I could keep with the theme here, like I did last week, and talk about my orcs and how they came to be but…I don’t know. Kind of. While I have a very rough creation myth for Arkod and its peoples, it’s not set in stone and I’ve intentionally left a lot of the background for the orcs blank. I’ve hinted at their past some and that’s part of the blankness. I also just, ya know, haven’t done tons of the world history/lore stuff. I come up with it as needed and, mostly, it won’t be needed unless I decide to do a standalone book all about the Great War. I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a tease or spoiler to say that the orcs completely lost their entire culture and identity because of that war.

Well that’s orc facts for this week! I’d say come back Friday but due to some timing issues, my creator spotlight is lulling, so I’m going to use my remaining folks for Mondays now and cut it down to once a week. Shit happens. Anywho, Monday will mark another Creator Spotlight with Scott Oden!