The Demons Within – A Big Thank You To My Backers

I’d meant to do this Monday but I got a little distracted. SO! Today then. I want to acknowledge and thank the following people for backing the Kickstarter campaign for The Demons Within!

In order of pledge, a very orc-sized thank you to…

  • Eric DiCarlo
  • Steven Latour
  • Andrew Paterson
  • James Jakins
  • Thomas Moore
  • Bryan Young
  • Rachel Sharp
  • William Stafford
  • Shayna Wark
  • Steven Pope
  • Garrett Schmigle
  • Melissa Shumake
  • Samantha Tohtz
  • Dee
  • Alyssa Riggs
  • Cliff Tohtz
  • Benet Reynolds
  • Asher Stephenson
  • Jacob Townsend
  • Kibret Gordon
  • Sungrowler
  • Matthew W. Mueller
  • Alex Haigh
  • Lisa Richardson
  • Rebecca Roth
  • Jen
  • Christopher Hayes-Kossmann
  • Leigh Petersen
  • Krista Ball
  • Rachel N.
  • Jonathan Dean
  • Satya
  • Robert Woods Tienken
  • Prodigal
  • Mega Ninja Publishing
  • Justin
  • Michael Adam Childers
  • Jeff Lewis
  • Anonymous
  • Nick Kilburg
  • Caffeinated Zombie
  • Kerri Regan
  • Margaret Beldyk
  • Ryan H
  • Amalia
  • Andrew Barton
  • Benjamin Savell
  • Wes Hillman

Not only did you help me get this book out, but some of you were involved in the final 12 hour victory, which saw the campaign go from $1077, not quite half of my $2200 goal, to $2225! I hope you enjoy The Demons Within as much as I enjoyed writing it!

A Walk Through The Aisles

Recently, friend and fellow author, Christopher Ruz, was tweeting about why he wrote his Rust series and why horror appeals to him. One of the things he mentioned was a cover for The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. This got me thinking, a bit of a nostalgia trip. We have Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and Youtube for streaming movies and TV shows and it’s wonderful. It’s occasionally hard to pick something new but on the whole, most of us love this method of watching. Before this, we had the mythical Blockbuster Video, or the various local joints that popped up, occasionally symbiotically with grocery stores.

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Getting into the Halloween Spirit

I made this playlist a few years ago on my old youtube account and decided it was time to remake it. It’s full of horror punk and metal.


The songs:
Halloween – The Misfits
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Partytime (Zombie Version) – 45 Grave
Life and Death of the Party – Alice Cooper
Deathrider – Anthrax
Monster Movie – American Werewolves
Fear of the Dark – Iron Maiden
Creatures of the Night – The Creepshow
Descent into Madness – Evile
Terror in the Haunted House – Blitzkid
Alison Hell – Annihilator
The House of Myth – Creature Feature
Blood Red Sandman – Lordi
Buried Alive – The Creepshow
Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t – Anthrax
Drink With The Living Dead – Ghoultown
Buried Alive – Creature Feature
Polterghost – Gama Bomb
Souls of the Dead – Grave Stompers
Hyperthermia – Tankard
Evil Urge – Lugosi’s Morphine
Overkill – Overkill
Last Caress – The Misfits
Dead Skin Mask – Slayer
Bloodshed – The Spookshow
The Thing That Should Not Be – Metallica (or the Primus cover)
Fodder For The Elder Gods – Creature Feature
Go To Hell! – Gwar
Snakes Out The Mouth Of Hell – Devil’s Whorehouse
Dante’s Inferno (live) – Iced Earth

Happy listening!