Plan B

Okay, well, the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful and the update for that has gone out. Plan B was a new, flex fund campaign is on Indiegogo. What does this mean? Well, if everyone who backed me on Kickstarter, backs me on Indiegogo instead, then I’ll actually get to keep what I raise. New information about all this is in the Cost Breakdown section.

Hopefully I can pull in most of my backers again.

Nanowrimo Days 5-24

I won’t bother posting through the screencaps of my word counter (via Scrivener’s wonderful project targets feature) for every day since the last time I posted. I will say that I have been kicking ass this month. I’m not as far as I could have been but that was from a conscious decision on day 12 that I needed my goddamn weekend. I usually take Fridays and Saturdays off. Run errands, clean, veg out, generally just do some of the things I don’t do during my work days. It’s helped me continue on, and last week, I finally had my first day where I hit 2000 words. A milestone for me.

After last night, my Nanowrimo word count is 34,237 with my project total sitting at 64,000 and just a touch over that last 237. I’m also nearly done with the first draft. Which may seem weird since my goal for Nanowrimo was to write 50,000 words in hopes of hitting an 80,000 word first draft. That hasn’t happened but that’s okay. I’ll be finishing up the final chapter this week and then beginning the second with a rewrite of the first four-ish chapters. Definitely the first two and probably the third as well. All of which will probably be condensed to one chapter. As I wrote on, the chapters started leveling out between 3400-4500 words.

Given I’m nearing 70,000, I’m confident that I’ll hit my 80,000 word goal in the second draft. On top of rewrites, I have a lot of additions and expansions to make, and lots of areas that need filling out (not to mention finishing out a whole section of the final battle). I’m pretty damn proud of how hard I’ve worked these past four months and it’s paid off big time. My plans for a February kickstarter look solid too and I hope that one succeeds as well as the previous book.

Mother’s Day

I figured today might be a good time to say a very public thanks to my mother, what with it being Mother’s Day and all.  I wouldn’t have a cover for A Demon in the Desert if it wasn’t for her.  She gave the money last year, looking at it as an investment.  Means a lot to me and hopefully, one day, I can pay her back.  Thanks, Mom.