It’s April. Do you know where your Ashe is?

I’m still alive, I guess. February through March was taken over by a move to a new, bug-free apartment. And now we also have a washer and dryer, which is very nice. We’re still getting things situated. We need new bookcases and storage. It’s been a process.I’ve been feeling sparks to get back into the writing groove again. But I’ve also been recovering a lot from the move and possibly a post-covid flare up. My brain’s been all kinds of depressed this week in a variety of ways. Oh and I almost got into a wreck yesterday.

I’m slowly figuring things out. I may be switching one of my medications soon to something that is supposed to help with ADHD symptoms. I really hope it does. I would like to be able to figure out a daily schedule and get back to working. Got a doctor visit in a couple of weeks to suss that out at.

Admittedly, the drive to create is competing with the drive to fist fight capitalism itself. I should talk about this in therapy.
I hope you’re all doing well. Tell someone you love them today.