News Things

In the immediate, there’s a new post concerning some worldbuilding concepts for the Grimluk series over on Patreon today. Mostly it’s just a few things I thought were interesting enough to share but haven’t been used yet or are still forming. Check it out, only costs a buck to read everything.

As I mentioned in my healthcare post Monday, I started a fundraiser for medical costs and to help afford a new car. Between Nici and I, we need some heavy stuff taken care and I really need a newer car so I can have reliable transportation and not have to worry about major repairs for a few years. We are pretty desperate and anything you can afford will help. Along with the general state of the US, this is a pretty huge source of anxiety right now.

In more pleasant news, Grimluk 3 is chugging along, gaining momentum toward finishing the first draft. I’m nearing the 56,000 word mark as of last night. The final goal for release next year will be a 75,000 word minimum, like with Demon Haunted. The first draft goal is looking to be 65-70,000 as I know I’ll be able to fill out in the second draft. There’s plenty of stuff I’ll be rewriting and expanding as well as certain areas that I’ll just be flat out finishing (mostly just little transition sections and bits of dialogue that were bogging my progress down).

I’ll probably take a month off after that, aside from Patreon, take a week to bang out the Gwen short story I started after (and set after) Demon Haunted, get some Kickstarter planning for October, as well as some Orctober planning, and then start on Grimluk 4. If all goes to plan, and no major distractions happen, I’m hoping I can finish Grimluk 4’s draft by December.

Before I end this, just want to say that however bleak things are looking right now, find a loved one and hug them and remember that there’s still good in the world.

Stay weird, be kind.


Hey hey! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m up on Patreon again. I’d tried it once before but it just wasn’t the right time yet and some other stuff came up so I put it away. Check out the link below and you’ll see I’m trying something I think is much easier to maintain this time around. Consider joining in, I’d really appreciate it.


Patreon and an Update

While I haven’t gotten tons of writing done this week, I did get more plotting done for the second Grimluk book, which will help. The book’s coming along at near 15,000 words, almost a fifth of the 80K goal. And in only a month a half, that beats the hell out of my pace for the first book.

In other news though, it’s Friday and September so it’s time for a new story. “From Tusk Til Dawn” is now up on Patreon. Part of me kind of hates doing this because I really really want folks to read this story and realistically, putting it as backers only means few people will, buuuuut I’m also trying to be a professional here. So, for those who haven’t heard, this story is about a lady orc wanderer who ends up having a close encounter of the fanged kind.


Howdy, folks!  I haven’t really made any sort of news post since last week.  Haven’t had much to update on.  Today though, I’m happy to offer a few quick notes.

First, I’ve gotten a lot of writing done this week already.  I’ve been making really good progress with rewrites and should be done with chapter 10 this week.  I also wrote the next Patreon piece for next week.  It was pretty intense and will come with a warning.  I actually felt kinda bad writing it.  Anywho, I’ll be trying to do another one this week as well, trying to build myself a buffer.  And for those of you who keep up with things here, I’ll be posting the stories here after I post a new one on Patreon.  So, next Friday, when I put up the second story, I’ll be posting the first story here.

Secondly, more Patreon talk.  I’m still working out the model for it, so if you have any suggestions for rewards, anything you’d like to see, feel free to tell me.  I still haven’t gotten any patrons, but it’s early days so that’s okay.  I think for story releases, I’ll offer PDF downloads for patrons.  I’m also toying with doing readings of the current story the week after it’s posted.  I’ve been looking at some other writers’ Patreon models and getting ideas from them as well.  So, by the end of the month, I’m hoping to have something much stronger to offer.

Thirdly, I think I’ve gotten my medication routine down.  Things seem to be going smoothly and I’m mostly feeling a lot better than I have in a while.  Which, as you can see, is allowing me to get a lot more work done.  And man does that feel good.

That’s all for now.  Have a good week!