My zombies are different

I got a great idea for the use of zombies in the book. I’ve been using “ghoul” instead, and I’ll continue to. I just don’t want to use zombie. So I decided to look up ghouls again and then zombies and read through. Boom, light bulb.

This idea lets me do three things. First, it gives me a great set up for Grimluk’s experiences. How? By using the original usage of ghoul or most of it anyways. Originally, they’re jinni that inhabit graveyards and “uninhabited places” (according to wikipedia). If you’ve read the first chapter, you know I had him talk about how tedious ghouls are. Why? Because in this context they’re super weak demons that inhabit corpses.

So, secondly, it lets me have zombies with a theme. Ghouls are weak demons, all they can do is shamble and bite. The demons might be smart but they’re operating busted vehicles. Bites don’t spread. They just kill and devour a body and if another demon gets to the body fast enough, it can reanimate and continue on. And there’s usually a group of them, so they can potentially spread quickly. The presence of a demon also gives the eyes a green glow.

Thirdly, it lets me potentially have deadites later on. Or at least something similar. That would involve either another, more powerful demon, and/or a powerful necromancy or lich. Good times.

Excited about this little detail. It cements my ghouls more and gives them a nice flavor of old and new.

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