Health and wealth, minus the wealth

Sooooo, I went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed diabetic.  That was a surprise.  And high blood pressure.  Less surprising but still not great.  Good news is I got all my meds for less than 80 bucks. Have to figure out how to get test strips though. Those are stupid expensive. No insulin injections thankfully and for the time being, I won’t be pricking my finger until I can find a cheap source of test strips.

I don’t know if the blood pressure meds just had a huge, immediate impact or I’m just so worn out from the passed few days but I’m pretty tired.  I mean, I’m definitely worn out.  Tuesday went to shit hard enough I didn’t get any writing done and yesterday was what it was.  I woke up around 5:30 this morning with my stomach cramping like crazy and then shit my brains out.  Pretty sure that was a combo of stress and the first dose of the metformin.  Doc said I might get diarrhea from it.  I feel a little off but that’s hardly surprising.

I was hoping I’d be able to dedicate today to writing but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.  I feel a little bad cause I keep thinking “this better not make me have to push the book back again,” but like, fuck, doc said if I hadn’t come in when I did, I could’ve ended up in a coma.  That’s big.  And still kinda scaring me.  And I’m dealing with the psychology of being a fat person and the relation to diabetes.  It’s standard to view fat bodies as the ones who will get diabetic and then how the language around fat bodies is so focused on death.

But I’ll get there.  Partner’s taking good care of me.  I just gotta figure out food and drink mostly.  I have to eat with two of my morning meds, so breakfast is now mandatory.  Wheeeee.  Hopefully I do get to feeling better quickly though.  Doc said I should.  Then maybe I can pound out a big ol’ work day.

Hope you’re all doing well.

Keepin this train movin

This week has been an interesting one.  Let’s take a walk through, shall we?

  • Sunday saw me come up with an idea for A Demon in the Desert that adds a nice new layer to the World.  That idea is included in the previous post.
  • Tuesday saw my facebook likes jump.  That in itself isn’t so strange considering there are two or three social media threads on goodreads.  The big event was Stan Nicholls both liking my page and even commenting on a post.  For those who don’t know, Stan Nicholls is the first name that comes up if you search “orcs” on Amazon.  Back around 99/2000, he put out a trilogy about a band of Orcs and their evil Queen.  I still haven’t read them yet but even still, that’s one hell of an ego boost.
  • Tuesday also marked one year since I started writing Demon, which started off as a half-formed idea built entirely around the concept of Grimluk after talking with a friend one night about an idea I was having that was overshadowing the Orc-swashbuckler story I had tentatively begun.  I may eventually go back to that.
  • Wednesday saw my likes shoot up some more and there have been silly twitter shenanigans all week.
  • Yesterday only really has personal news in two areas.  The first is that a doctor visit got my lovely partner some meds she was in need of.  Which puts my mind more at ease in the “stress of life” arena.  The second was that I weighed myself while there and over the past year and a half, I have lost a total of 83 pounds.  That is its own story and I may post about it at some point but the ultimate point of it is that I lost the weight because I righted something else wrong with my health.  I’m still a fat guy but most of my fat was a symptom, not a cause.
  • Overall, while I didn’t get as much work done this week as I’d have liked, I still got work done and I got my manuscript back up over the 38K word mark.  I suspect I’ll end up somewhere between 50K and 70K total, which does make me feel good but the only real goal for word count is 40K as that’s the minimum viewed for most of the awards.  I’m still making good progress.

I had semi-planned on doing a Throwback Thursday post yesterday and then thought I’d do a Follow Friday today but I will do those next week.  I felt this was more important today.  Also important, at the beginning of March, I’ll be posting some snippets of the book.  If there’s anything you’d like to see that’s not in the first chapter, which is up for your viewing pleasure in my Works section, give me a shout.  I’ve had a request for a fight scene and I’ll be happy to post one.  Anything else is a welcome suggestion.

That’s all for now, folks.  Remember, Orcs are friends, not cannon fodder.

Construction Continued

So, on twitter today, my new friend, fellow author, and weird western enthusiast, S.A. Hunt decided to toss my name out in his Follow Friday post. He included the phrase “great writers.” Well shit, now I need to try to live up to that, right? So I spent the afternoon adding old shorts and a flash fiction piece to the Works section.  Also reformatted the Chapter 1 excerpt for Demon as it didn’t hold any of the formatting from open office. I’m still working on making the place look less fucking boring, but until I can upgrade (and figure out what I want in the header section), that’s all I have for now.

Grand Opening and a 2014 Review

This will be the first official post of this site.  I can use it to cross-post across social media and keep things nice and easy.  So hello from the new site.  It’s still being worked on but it’s functional and ready to go.

Which brings me to my next point, a review of 2014.

Last year (saying that on Jan 1 is always strange) was a busy year for me and, considering this post even exists, an important year.  While getting myself to write regularly technically began the previous December, January saw me pushing forward more.  February saw the start of A Demon in the Desert.  The whole thing spun out after talking with a friend one night about an idea I was debating.  Originally, I had tried to start a swashbuckling story about an Orc.  But then I started thinking about a gunslinger Orc and the discussion lead to ideas and I started immediately.  It was shaky at first but it got going.

The summer was spent in a weird stasis but things picked up again in September when I set up the kickstarter.  I probably should’ve waited a while yet but hey, ya live ya learn.  It still brought some good as I joined goodreads and started meeting fellow weird west writers.  Then meeting some new folks who backed the book, including another writer.  It seemed like my professional life just slid right into place.  I now know a slew of authors and have a little group of colleagues.  And that’s pretty fuckin cool.  The kickstarter also cemented relationships with a few people I already knew but not well yet.  Everyone has been awesome and it’s been amazing having professional support, personal support, and feeling like I’ve come into my own.

Now that we’ve gotten the big move finished (some of you may recall I was in Oklahoma and now I’m in Alabama), and things mostly set up, I’ll be able to get back to writing again.  I’m going to do my best to hold to the June release.  I don’t think I’ll have to push it back again, but no matter what, I want to make the story the best it can be and get everyone nice and hooked for future books.  So, I hope you had a good holiday and that your new year will be great and that you’ll achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve.

Let’s kick some ass.