News & Demon Haunted Teaser

Figured it was time to share a bit more of Demon Haunted with everyone. But first, some news!

Most of everything I’ve been working on with Demon Haunted is basically done. At this point, I have a few little things to finish with some image stuff and that’s it. Demon Haunted is being proofread, the first print proof arrives tomorrow, and everything’s shaping up and looks like it’ll be ready with some wiggle room before October. Whoo!

Secondly, I’ve started Grimluk 3 and I’m already nearly 2500 words in. That’s pretty exciting. Hopefully, I can get the first draft for this one done pretty quick and then start on book 4 as well. But hopefully, when folks start reading Demon Haunted, they enjoy themselves. Otherwise there won’t be a huge point in trying to put out more Grimluk, eh?

Anyways, on with the snippet! Again, no spoilers for the main plot, just a nice scene I’m fond of. Fair warning as this one is more on the disturbing side than the last one. If you’re not fond of snakes or some body horror…

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New Art And Site Colors

Now that I’ve got a shiny new piece of art to share, I figured I’d update a few things around the site. First up is a new color scheme and a new header image. Demon Haunted takes place in a plains region called the Sapphire Plains so the new header reflects that (original stock photo). We deal with ghosts and spirits in this one too, so the colors reflect that a little better.

After that, I updated the landing page to be a little more chill. Just a welcome…and the lovely promo picture of Grimluk done by Bob Kehl! The piece is below if you don’t feel like clicking away. And for anyone curious, the first header I used was The Wasteland by Genesis-Orbit.

Grimluk Promo Picture

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70 Hours Left Until Doomsday

Wait…not Doomsday, until the Demon Haunted Kickstarter campaign ends. And, wow, I’m up to 55% funding, $1112 of $2000. I was feeling rather pessimistic about the whole thing getting any higher a few days ago but between yesterday morning and this morning, I had a big surge in backers, including someone who backed me in the Demon Hunter tier (which means they get all the goodies you can get AND a demon hunter named after them). That would be awesome enough but they’re an Aussie, which means they also pledged the 26 bucks for shipping.

So now I’m sitting here wondering what will happen by 1pm on Tuesday when things end and hoping that I’ll catch interest in a few more heavy hitters like the aforementioned backer. I’m cautiously hopeful considering the flow over the past 24 hours but realistically, the campaign is probably going to fail. I have back-up plans. Several. Chiefly making a gofundme campaign with far less rewards. Cause I could get all the artwork and editing I want for $1000 but then I can’t offer anything other than digital rewards. Part of why the Kickstarter was $2000 was due to covering the base price of printing and shipping to ME to then get sign it and get it to the READER.

So we’ll see what happens.


Grimluk 2 is coming along. I finally finished the chapter 2 rewrite and started chapter 3. I had to do chapter 2 completely fresh, with only a few bits and pieces good for recycling into the second draft and it took me a bit longer to get it nailed down. Chapter 3 and onward will go much smoother once I get the beginning redone so it fits with chapter 2. I’m sure there’s stuff later on that I’ll have to scrap or rework but I doubt I’ll have to completely rewrite a chapter. I was pretty happy with the majority of what was in the first draft. We’ll see what happens as I get through it though.

Which brings me to the real news. I’ll be launching the Kickstarter campaign for Grimluk 2 on the 31st, which also includes revealing the title. This go round, I don’t have a cover yet, but I’ve tried to build a much more visually appealing campaign page and I feel pretty good about the reward tiers. I even made themes for them. So keep watch and stay sharp.

Nanowrimo Days 5-24

I won’t bother posting through the screencaps of my word counter (via Scrivener’s wonderful project targets feature) for every day since the last time I posted. I will say that I have been kicking ass this month. I’m not as far as I could have been but that was from a conscious decision on day 12 that I needed my goddamn weekend. I usually take Fridays and Saturdays off. Run errands, clean, veg out, generally just do some of the things I don’t do during my work days. It’s helped me continue on, and last week, I finally had my first day where I hit 2000 words. A milestone for me.

After last night, my Nanowrimo word count is 34,237 with my project total sitting at 64,000 and just a touch over that last 237. I’m also nearly done with the first draft. Which may seem weird since my goal for Nanowrimo was to write 50,000 words in hopes of hitting an 80,000 word first draft. That hasn’t happened but that’s okay. I’ll be finishing up the final chapter this week and then beginning the second with a rewrite of the first four-ish chapters. Definitely the first two and probably the third as well. All of which will probably be condensed to one chapter. As I wrote on, the chapters started leveling out between 3400-4500 words.

Given I’m nearing 70,000, I’m confident that I’ll hit my 80,000 word goal in the second draft. On top of rewrites, I have a lot of additions and expansions to make, and lots of areas that need filling out (not to mention finishing out a whole section of the final battle). I’m pretty damn proud of how hard I’ve worked these past four months and it’s paid off big time. My plans for a February kickstarter look solid too and I hope that one succeeds as well as the previous book.

Site Update + Book Review

So, just a little update on the site. I added a Recommended Reads section. It’s mostly filled with authors right now, but there are a few specific books. I’ll add to it as I go along. I might add a section for Indie Books and one for big-name books as well, if anyone’s interested. For now, it’s all indie folks. And speaking of which…

I just finished Christopher Ruz’s Rust: Season One. It’s a horror serial series released in episodes and then collected into one volume once the season is finished. Ruz is currently working on the third season, with One and Two being out and available on Amazon. This is a spoiler-free review. And it’s pretty simple:

Rust Season One cover

It is amazing. It’s got this wicked Lovecraft feel, with a big ol’ side of the Yellow King, freaky disease and infestations, and disturbing, visceral, brutal violence. It’s weird and unsettling in all the right ways. You connect with the characters fairly easily. The shock and confusion Kimberly feels upon waking in Rustwood is quite palpable. And it’s so terribly, hideously clear that there is nothing natural or normal about the town. There are things hidden everywhere. Unseen horrors in every shadow and person. Ruz can go from creepy to squeamish in a heartbeat. The prose is great. The story is tight and beautiful. Absolutely amazing stuff. Must-read for any horror fan.

Minor Update + July Sale

Update time: Still no idea when Book Depository will have my book up but I’m still betting it’ll be the end of July at the soonest. On top of that, there’s five reviews up on goodreads and a sixth on its way soon.

In other news, I’ve also dropped the Kindle price to $1 USD, with coupons for the paperback and the Smashwords version. For the month of July, you can get the paperback via Createspace for 50% off using the code G4S9JCAB. For Smashwords, use SB57E. I will also be posting a link for a goodreads giveaway as soon its approved (I was hoping that would be today). The giveaway will be US only, I’m afraid.

On July 22nd, I’ll be doing an r/Fantasy Writer of the Day, which is basically AMAs for indie folks. I’m planning on giving away copies of the ebook to celebrate! That’s all for now.

Back to the Grind

By now, everyone should have their books, except for my one international backer who got a paperback. I’ll let you know when I have a delivery estimate. If you HAVE NOT gotten your book by tomorrow, please let me know immediately. I hope you all enjoy the book and that you’ll leave a rating and a review on Amazon and/or goodreads.

For the rest of the summer (at least through July), I’ll be working on shorts and promotion and getting the next Grimluk book ready. I’ve given thought to starting a Star Trek fanfic, mostly because it’s really hard to get into the official books from what I can tell. I have this idea I want to use that is based around an Orion woman. I’d really like to keep it Star Trek but I don’t know, maybe it would be a better idea to make it my own property instead. Maybe I’ll look around at options or maybe even try to use that as a starting point to looking for an agent.

In the immediate though, I restarted a short I’d begun in February but dropped out of to focus on A Demon in the Desert. It’s set in the same world as Demon but will be standalone. I really like the world and I can play around in it quite a lot. It stars an orc woman who’s good with a gun and has an issue with people routinely accusing her of cheating at cards. I think I’ll submit this one and earn some SFWA/HWA active member credit (it’s damn hard to do that with novels as an indie writer). So it might be a while before anyone gets to read it but I’ll post a snippet when it’s done. Just a small one.

I’m also still trying to figure out how to attract attention to my Patreon. I’m running a promotion right now for the first five level 1 patrons and the first two level 2/3 patrons. Level 1 patrons will get a flash story (1000 words or less) about anything they want. Level 2/3 patrons will get a short story (1000-5000 words) about anything they’d like.

Happy reading, everyone!


Howdy, folks!  I haven’t really made any sort of news post since last week.  Haven’t had much to update on.  Today though, I’m happy to offer a few quick notes.

First, I’ve gotten a lot of writing done this week already.  I’ve been making really good progress with rewrites and should be done with chapter 10 this week.  I also wrote the next Patreon piece for next week.  It was pretty intense and will come with a warning.  I actually felt kinda bad writing it.  Anywho, I’ll be trying to do another one this week as well, trying to build myself a buffer.  And for those of you who keep up with things here, I’ll be posting the stories here after I post a new one on Patreon.  So, next Friday, when I put up the second story, I’ll be posting the first story here.

Secondly, more Patreon talk.  I’m still working out the model for it, so if you have any suggestions for rewards, anything you’d like to see, feel free to tell me.  I still haven’t gotten any patrons, but it’s early days so that’s okay.  I think for story releases, I’ll offer PDF downloads for patrons.  I’m also toying with doing readings of the current story the week after it’s posted.  I’ve been looking at some other writers’ Patreon models and getting ideas from them as well.  So, by the end of the month, I’m hoping to have something much stronger to offer.

Thirdly, I think I’ve gotten my medication routine down.  Things seem to be going smoothly and I’m mostly feeling a lot better than I have in a while.  Which, as you can see, is allowing me to get a lot more work done.  And man does that feel good.

That’s all for now.  Have a good week!