News & Demon Haunted Teaser

Figured it was time to share a bit more of Demon Haunted with everyone. But first, some news!

Most of everything I’ve been working on with Demon Haunted is basically done. At this point, I have a few little things to finish with some image stuff and that’s it. Demon Haunted is being proofread, the first print proof arrives tomorrow, and everything’s shaping up and looks like it’ll be ready with some wiggle room before October. Whoo!

Secondly, I’ve started Grimluk 3 and I’m already nearly 2500 words in. That’s pretty exciting. Hopefully, I can get the first draft for this one done pretty quick and then start on book 4 as well. But hopefully, when folks start reading Demon Haunted, they enjoy themselves. Otherwise there won’t be a huge point in trying to put out more Grimluk, eh?

Anyways, on with the snippet! Again, no spoilers for the main plot, just a nice scene I’m fond of. Fair warning as this one is more on the disturbing side than the last one. If you’re not fond of snakes or some body horror…

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Demon Haunted Teaser

Firstly, apologies for not following up my Ghostbusters post for the second movie. I’ll be doing a review of the remake though, once I see it. But for now, I thought a nice piece of Demon Haunted might be in order, at least beyond the first chapter. I will, of course, post snippets with no spoilers to the main plot. Mostly, these will be interesting bits and bobs from the first half of the book. This first teaser introduces the Hanging Judge himself. Enjoy!

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A Whole Mess of News

For those of you reading on the site itself, you might notice the first bit of news: is now mine. I upgraded my wordpress account. Yes, I could’ve gone ahead and set up my own site via hostgator or one of those but honestly, this was the least stressful option and it works just fine. I can fully decorate the site now and I have the domain name. That’s some good stuff.

Secondly, the Indiegogo campaign is over and finished out with a total of $987, just barely shy of half my intended goal. But that’s okay, I can more than work with that thanks to some awesome folks. That grand total is all thanks to a last minute backer who took the highest reward tier, the $300 Governor, which means that he gets to name not only the governor of New Gilead but also the name of the capital city. Very cool and very appreciated.

Moving forward, I’ll be finishing up the edits on the last chapter of Demon Haunted and then running through the rewritten second chapter one more time before declaring the second draft DONE and starting the process of getting this bad boy edited. Should be able to get all that done this week as chapter 19 is just waiting on me and I need to get some character names from a couple of backers.

Indiegogo says I’ll have my funds on Tuesday, and then I can slam down sweaty fistfuls of cash on Bob Kehl’s desk and get the art side of things started. This time around, I’ll have a full sleeve and I’ll be getting a character piece of Grimluk on top of that for promotional use and the second bookmark.

I’m hoping to have the last draft, and maybe even all the formatting and everything else done by the end of August. If everything goes smoothly, I’ll put up a pre-order for the Kindle version on September 1st and release print and digital on October 1st. Should be a good Orctober celebration this year.

And even though it was WAY early, I snagged the Halloween slot for r/Fantasy’s Writer of the Day, so that should be fun. I’ll figure out what all I’ll do in celebration once it gets closer and for those who prefer to stay away from reddit, I’ll have all my other avenues of social media open as usual.

Beyond that, I have a couple of ideas for blog posts I may do soon and if anyone’s interested, I’m thinking about doing a Ghostbusters franchise retrospective leading up to the release of the reboot in July. I’d cover the movies, the cartoons, the main IDW comic series, and the 2008 video game. Let me know what you think about that.

I think that’s everything for now. There will be art updates as they come though the Indiegogo backers will get everything first. Take care y’all!

Plan B

Okay, well, the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful and the update for that has gone out. Plan B was a new, flex fund campaign is on Indiegogo. What does this mean? Well, if everyone who backed me on Kickstarter, backs me on Indiegogo instead, then I’ll actually get to keep what I raise. New information about all this is in the Cost Breakdown section.

Hopefully I can pull in most of my backers again.

70 Hours Left Until Doomsday

Wait…not Doomsday, until the Demon Haunted Kickstarter campaign ends. And, wow, I’m up to 55% funding, $1112 of $2000. I was feeling rather pessimistic about the whole thing getting any higher a few days ago but between yesterday morning and this morning, I had a big surge in backers, including someone who backed me in the Demon Hunter tier (which means they get all the goodies you can get AND a demon hunter named after them). That would be awesome enough but they’re an Aussie, which means they also pledged the 26 bucks for shipping.

So now I’m sitting here wondering what will happen by 1pm on Tuesday when things end and hoping that I’ll catch interest in a few more heavy hitters like the aforementioned backer. I’m cautiously hopeful considering the flow over the past 24 hours but realistically, the campaign is probably going to fail. I have back-up plans. Several. Chiefly making a gofundme campaign with far less rewards. Cause I could get all the artwork and editing I want for $1000 but then I can’t offer anything other than digital rewards. Part of why the Kickstarter was $2000 was due to covering the base price of printing and shipping to ME to then get sign it and get it to the READER.

So we’ll see what happens.

Christmas Sale

I know I might not like Christmas a whole lot but December is a busy month for gifts and kind of important to a budding business. So, I’ve cooked up a couple of deals. But first, THE BLURB:

cover image

A Demon in the Desert

The Wastelands mining town of Greenreach Bluffs is deteriorating: with each passing day its inhabitants grow more fearful and paranoid, plagued by…something. They suffer nightmares and hallucinations, there are murders at the mine; the community is on the brink of madness and ruin and, as events escalate, realization dawns: the town has a demon problem. Two attempts at hunting it down fail, Greenreach Bluffs is at breaking point…and then Grimluk the Orc strides in out of the Wastes to answer their call for salvation.

So, holiday deals. Unfortunately, it’s a bit complicated due to certain issues with Amazon. Regular prices are $10 for print and $3 for digital. Now, KDP isn’t a huge fan of allowing anyone who isn’t enrolled in their exclusive (as in, sold nowhere else but Amazon) program, KDP Select, to have promotional codes. So, for folks who regularly use Amazon, sorry, I would love to include my biggest source of income in with holiday savings but, here’s what I can do:

For paperbacks, if you order directly from the Createspace store, you can use the code TKPXVPAV to get 25% off.

For digital, head over to Smashwords and use the code XL49R. If you want to load it to your Kindle, just use your Send To Kindle address (can be found in your account settings, manage your content, settings) or app.

Unfortunately, those are the only venues I have direct control of for promotional deals. That said, since Amazon has Kindle Matchbook, you might watch and see if A Demon in the Desert goes on sale if you’d like the ebook as well as the print. If you DO prefer to use Amazon, then I would encourage you to use the version that donates to chairities. It’s not as good as a direct donation, sure, but it’s somethin. Other sites might put the book on sale as well (B& and Kobo for instance), so keep an eye out.

I still have about 25-30 paperbacks for signing as well, so if you’d like a signed copy, contact me and we’ll work something out. I send through 2-day priority mail, which is $5.25 in itself. Add another $2 and you get a print copy, signed, for $7 bucks.

As for extras, well, I’m all up in goodreads, where you can find more reviews as well. You can read the whole first chapter there or on my site too. On top of all that awesome stuff, you can find the OFFICIAL BOOK SOUNDTRACK and stuff it into your beautiful little ears while you stuff my book into your beautiful little eyes. Happy reading and happy holidays.

What should you be reading? The answer may surprise you!

It won’t, actually. Well, I don’t think it will. Anyways, I’m gonna offer up some recommendations for stuff to read that I’ve either read, plan to read, or just plain like the author. Though, more than likely, the latter point means I’ve probably read or plan to read their stuff anyways. Mostly, I include that point to make it clear that I want support my community. Now, if you’re reading this outside of the dashboard reader on wordpress, you’ll see that there’s a “Recommended Reads” tab above. I’m going to copy and paste that list but I’m also going to be trying to add new stuff here. In we go!


  • S.A. Hunt, Author of the award-winning Outlaw King fantasy series and the newly released Malus Domestica urban horror.
  • Sara Amundson, Creator of Make-A-Monster
  • M.Todd Gallowglas, Author of the Dead Weight, Tears of Rage, & Halloween Jack series.
  • Z. Rider, Author of Suckers, a new spin on vampire horror.
  • Edward M. Erdelac, Author of the award winning Merkabah Rider series, lover of the weird, and High Geek Master
  • Krista D. Ball, Author of the Tales of Tranquility and Spirit Caller series. Master of Snark.
  • Christopher Ruz, Author of the Century of Sand fantasy series and the Rust horror series.
  • Steph Lehenbauer, Author of the Wanderlust series. Though, I need to add that Steph’s Wanderlust publisher shut down. She’s currently reworking the series for a re-release at some point.
  • Al Barrera, Author of Darker Shadows Lie Below.
  • J.S. Collyer, Author of the Orbit series.
  • Luke Matthews, Author of Construct.
  • Courtney Cantrell, Author of the Legends of the Light-Walkers series, master of colored hair.
  • Laird Barron, Author of The Imago Sequence and Other Stories and all around high priest of the New Weird.
  • Tim Marquitz, Author of the Demon Squad series, former gravedigger, and fellow lover of Heavy Metal.
  • SM Reine, Author of, well, a huge slew of urban fantasy.



  • Rat Queens. Are you reading this? Why are you not reading this? It’s amazing. Orc Dave is a precious gift from heaven and Braga is our orc queen goddess. The whole cast is fucking amazing though.
  • East of West. It’s a sci-fi weird western starring the Four Horsemen. If that doesn’t get your interest, I can’t help you.
  • Death Vigil by Stjepan Šejić, who is also doing the art for Rat Queens now. This is one of his own books though. He writes it and handles the art duties and it is awesome. Buy the trade.
  • Daughter of the Lillies. This one came up on r/Fantasy in a rec thread for orcs and goblins as protags and it surprised me. Start at the beginning and read through it. New pages will start on the 22nd. The art’s lovely and the characters jump out immediately. And it’s FREE.

I’m not really caught up on comics lately but I will say that Image, Dark Horse, and IDW (mostly for the Ghostbusters series) are where all the best comics are happening right now. As I find more indie comics, I’ll post about them too and as always, recommendations are absolutely welcome.

Happy reading, everyone!

Patreon and an Update

While I haven’t gotten tons of writing done this week, I did get more plotting done for the second Grimluk book, which will help. The book’s coming along at near 15,000 words, almost a fifth of the 80K goal. And in only a month a half, that beats the hell out of my pace for the first book.

In other news though, it’s Friday and September so it’s time for a new story. “From Tusk Til Dawn” is now up on Patreon. Part of me kind of hates doing this because I really really want folks to read this story and realistically, putting it as backers only means few people will, buuuuut I’m also trying to be a professional here. So, for those who haven’t heard, this story is about a lady orc wanderer who ends up having a close encounter of the fanged kind.